A Recycling Story

Long before it was fashionable, RT Plastics was helping customers reduce their environmental impact – and their costs – through the design, engineering and manufacture of high quality injection moulded plastic products from recycled materials.

Founded around an opportunity to recycle wood and plastics into wood-fill polypropylene, two decades later, RT Plastics remains the sole Canadian source for 100% recycled wood composite injection moulding.

... And That’s Not the End of the Story

RT Plastics has become a trusted, one-stop plastics recycler for a variety of customers and suppliers.

What do you Have?
RT Plastics will buy your recyclable plastics, including:


  What do you Need?
Use RT Plastics as a reliable source for raw or processed recycled plastic and wood composite resins of consistent quality for a broad range of applications:
  • Post-consumer plastics
  • Post-industrial plastics
  • Commercial and Automotive Plastics
  • Reprocessed plastic resin formulated and tested to meet your specifications
  • Regrind plastic resin
  • Toll Grinding - send us your raw recyclable plastics and get back plastic resin ground to your specs

Recycling and Environmental Responsibility - A Never-Ending Story ...

... and you enjoy all the benefits:

Reduce Waste
* Very low scrap rates
Reduce Costs
Including reusable packaging and shipping containers
Improve the environment
Sustainable manufacturing practices
Reduced Carbon Footprint
What Can We
Do For You?

Please call us today at 416-650-1498, or Contact Us for a no charge consultation and let us help you turn your plastic product ideas into reality.